Types of Support

The Stenclik Family Charitable Fund offers the following grant opportunities:

Spot Grants

We aim to provide mission-driven organizations with finite (one-time) grants to help them achieve specific objectives. These awards are scaled to the scope of the organization’s immediate needs and reach in the community. We are looking for thoughtful projects and initiatives whose specific objectives and short-term goals can be achieved within two years of receiving the grant.

Examples might include:

  • Grants to update, modernize, and refine websites, membership databases, and community outreach strategies for cultural non-profits
  • Grants that help a non-profit apply for a significant outside grant in scientific or public health research: funds that can be used to hire grant writers and consultants, or cover other research fees
  • Grants that help a neighborhood community non-profit with repair and maintenance of a building or site

Strategic Grants

These grants aim to support ideas and projects that might take longer to implement. We will work with organizations as strategic partners on complex, longer-term issues facing their community. Through strategic grants, our organization hopes to foster innovation, share expertise, and execute change.

Examples might include:

  • Grants to fund educational programs and initiatives that will further support sustainable academic opportunity
  • Grants that advance engagement in diverse communities and underrepresented neighborhoods to increase racial and economic equity
  • Grants to spur innovative artistic, cultural, or scientific initiatives that benefit our local community

Apply for a Grant

Western New York organizations that align with our three focus areas are now welcome to apply for a grant.