Our Family Heritage

Since the late nineteenth century, the city of Buffalo has helped forge the Stenclik family’s identity and character. After leaving Europe, our ancestors crossed the Atlantic and found a new life in western New York—a region burgeoning with innovation and economic opportunity at the time. While this journey came with its share of hardships, it radically transformed the trajectory of our family’s future.  

The city of Buffalo is part of our DNA.

Over a century after our ancestors settled in the Queen City, we continue to call Buffalo home. As four generations of our family have been born and raised here, the city of Buffalo is part of our DNA; it’s the city that provided us the opportunity to grow our family business, founded by Richard and Dolores Stenclik, into a global business headquartered here for over 60 years.

And it is in Buffalo where the Stenclik Family Charitable Fund hopes to continue to change lives for future generations. Buffalo Niagara has offered the Stenclik family a fertile community in which to plant roots and thrive. In return, the Stenclik Family Charitable Fund will enable our family to give back to our beloved community.

As ardent supporters of Buffalo Niagara, we pledge to cultivate and foster a prosperous and sustainable future for all residents of our area. Our commitment to improving education, investing in science, promoting the arts, and building strong communities will provide critical support to organizations dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all members of our community.

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